Dress Code

For Middle and Secondary Daily Wear:

Bottoms: Black

  • black pants/shorts/skirts
  • chino material is OK
  • elastic waist is OK
  • loose fitting
  • no tights, leggings or jeans
  • sweat pants in PE only

For Middle Daily Wear:

TOPS: Maroon

  • crested maroon polo
  • crested maroon crewneck
  • crested maroon windbreaker

For Middle PE Strip:


  • athletic logo navy blue sweatpants
  • athletic logo navy blue shorts
  • athletic logo navy blue t-shirt


For Middle House Team events and Spirit Days:

TOPS: light blue, dark blue, green or red

  • athletic logo t-shirt colour based on home room

For Secondary Daily Wear:

TOPS: Charcoal grey

  • crested charcoal grey polo
  • crested charcoal grey crewneck
  • crested charcoal grey windbreaker

For Secondary PE Strip:

TOPS: black or grey

  • athletic logo black or grey t-shirt
  • athletic logo navy blue sweat pants
  • athletic logo navy blue shorts














Ordering Information

Able Cresting is our provider of school uniforms.  They are located at 31281 Wheel Ave and store hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.  You can also order online at www.ablecresting.com