Ten Traditional Tenents

The ATS community operates under our Ten Traditional Tenets that guide our focus on student learning:

  1. Students, educators, and families ensure a safe learning environment.
  2. Students, educators, and families contribute to a healthy learning environment by adhering to a clearly defined code of conduct.
  3. Students, educators, and families have elevated expectations and a strong focus on the achievement of intellectual, human, social, and career goals.
  4. Students, educators, families, and the community are partners in student success.
  5. Educators emphasize mastery of essential skills and competencies in reading, writing, and numeracy.
  6. Educators use the provincial curriculum and their collective pedagogical expertise to personalize learning for their students.
  7. Educators use consistent and predictable routines that maximize student learning.
  8. Educators and students use a variety of timely assessment and feedback methods to accelerate meaningful learning and engagement.
  9. Students follow a uniform dress code.
  10. Learning takes place at school, at home, and in the community.

Traditional Schools' Collective Understanding

Parents, students, and staff strive to ensure that students:  

  • Consistently adhere to the uniform dress code. 
  • Maintain a high level of cleanliness of all dress code garments.
  • Take pride and ownership in maintaining a clean and welcoming campus.
  • Model pro-social behaviours consistently (ie. manners, common courtesy).
  • Strive for excellence academically and behaviourally.