School Fees

Student Fees

The Student Activity Fee for Middle & Secondary Schools is designated by District Policy AP 317.

“3.3 Student Activity Fee for Middle and Secondary Schools: The student activity fee covers costs such as student agendas, guest speakers, student identity cards, school events, student recognition, student leadership, locks and locker rentals.”

Please login to School Cash Online to view the current fee and arrange payment.

School Cash Online

New Procedure for Field Trip Consent
Parents can grant permission for field trips and request to volunteer now ONLINE in School Cash Online.

The permission slip will appear after you log in to School Cash. Check the box at the bottom of the permission slip. Parents can also indicate if they would like to volunteer on the field trip. The teacher will contact parents to confirm regarding volunteering on the field trip. Please ensure you have completed the annual volunteer form and criminal record check with the School Board Office.   

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