Abbotsford Traditional School

ATS Identity

Abbotsford Traditional School is a 6-12 Middle - Secondary school that is a non-catchment school of choice in the Abbotsford School District.  The Traditional identity of our school continues the important foundation of setting high expectations of academic success and strong character building that starts at our two Traditional elementary schools: King Traditional Elementary School and South Poplar Traditional Elementary school.  ATS is proud to share that our graduates have the highest percentage of students being accepted into post-secondary institutions than other secondary schools in Abbotsford. We offer Advanced Placement courses (potential college level credit) as part of our academic offerings, which plays a role in preparing students for the rigor and path to post-secondary.  We also place an importance on student leadership, offering several leadership opportunities for our students:

  • Gr. 8 Where Everybody Belongs (WEB) student mentoring program for Gr. 6 students.
  • Gr. 9/10 PE Leadership to run a comprehensive intramurals program for our middle students.
  • Gr. 10/11/12 Leadership to run a myriad of fun activities from Pep Rallies to Spirit Days.
  • Gr. 11/12 Peer Tutoring to help students in their classes and coursework in Gr. 6-12.
  • Gr. 12 LEAP program welcoming Gr. 9 students.

Two aspects of our school that you will notice right away are that we have a uniform dress code for regular wear and PE strip.  We also are a closed campus and students are expected to stay on campus during lunch.

In September 2023, ATS officially opened as a 6-12 school. The recent joining of Abbotsford Traditional Middle School and Abbotsford Traditional Secondary School into one 6-12 school has overlapped our campus’s seismic upgrade.  Our upgrade has brought increased safety and many beautiful new learning and social spaces to our campus as well as a refreshed exterior that captures the pride we take in developing successful young citizens.  We are excited to share our new space with you!

ATS Philosophy

At ATS Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive learning environment where respect for self, others and community prevail. We intentionally strive to create an environment that is free from discrimination based on gender, race, religion and/or sexual orientation as outlined in the BC Human Rights Code. 

ATS Mission

Abbotsford Traditional School is a school of choice, which along with a strong partnership with parents, is committed to the overall development of our students, emphasizing our core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, empathy, courage, and service.

ATS Vision

We strive to be a vibrant community of life-long learners, demonstrating shared values, building positive relationships, and celebrating our achievements.

About Traditional Schooling

Traditional Schools is a choice program operating within the public school system. Students attend from throughout the District, meaning that any child in the District may apply to attend (space permitting) from any ‘catchment’ area. The prescribed curriculum and regulations of the British Columbia Ministry of Education are followed, with an emphasis on a consistent, structured approach to education.

Clearly defined standards for achievement, values, and conduct characterize the approach of traditional schooling. Traditional schools are defined by ten tenets that express the emphasis of the traditional educational system.

Key Visuals

  1. Students are to wear clothing in alignment with our school dress code.
  2. Students are met personally and greeted each day, in the foyer and the classroom.
  3. Students stand to greet adults who enter the classroom.
  4. Learning the classroom is structured, regardless of the instructional method.
  5. Good manners, such as not interrupting those who are talking, holding doors open for others, saying 'please' and 'thank you', teachers are addressed formally. Inappropriate language is not tolerated.
  6. Student movement through halls is generally quiet and orderly.

Ten Tenets of Traditional Schooling

  1. Consistent, structured approach that optimizes class time
    Clearly defined classroom expectations and student accountability lead to a structured environment which helps students of diverse needs and learning styles to thrive.
  2. A strong focus on academic achievement
    The creation and recognition of high standards and work habits in an environment of integrity.
  3. Teacher designed instruction
    The creation of clearly defined activities and expectations will enable students to achieve mastery of learning outcomes.
  4. Regular skills assessment
    Effective ongoing assessment practices that correspond with learning outcomes which accurately reflect classroom instruction and student learning.
  5. An emphasis on literacy skills as the foundation of academic excellence and success
    Solid literacy skills are demonstrated by the students’ ability to decode, read for comprehension, research, analyze, synthesize and communicate in written and oral forms across the curriculum.
  6. An established homework policy
    Teachers assign and assess homework to reinforce learning, provide regular skills practice, and build effective time management skills, thereby requiring students to take responsibility for their own learning.
  7. A clearly defined code of behaviour
    Staff, parents and students demonstrate a strong commitment to citizenship and integrity as outlined in our civility, student and athletic codes of conduct.
  8. A dress code
    A dress code exists that reflects a professional and uniform approach to the importance of learning in our school.
  9. A safe environment
    Embraces a commitment by staff, parents and students to provide an environment that recognizes everyone’s right to a safe and respectful school community.
  10. Parents as Partners
    Parents working in partnership with teachers and administration to enhance learning opportunities, cultivate community and address challenges.