School Fees

School fees have been authorized by both the Province and the School Board for school operation.

Payments can be made online at Instructions on using the online payment site are in both English and Punjabi and also linked at the bottom of this page, or you can contact the school office for other payment options.

  • Student activity and locker fee (for all students): $30
  • Graduation fee (if graduating): 2 installments of $150 each, due Oct 31st and Dec 31st
  • Yearbook fee (optional): $55 ($45 If paid before Oct 31st. Last day to order is Jan 31st)
    • Yearbooks again will be handed out at the end of the school year in June
  • Parking Permits (optional): $10
    • These are for those students who wish to drive to school and park in the school parking lot.  Spaces are limited, so please check with the office for more information.